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The History of Extra Sensory Perception




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Jim Ingham



Extrasensory perception, more commonly known as ESP, is a form of telepathy in which information is received through the mind through means of clairaudience, clairvoyance and precognition. Throughout history, ESP has happened in one form or another to random individuals who had no previous psychic knowledge or explanation, as well as controlled case studies where the phenomenon of ESP has been attempted to be proven in a scientific setting.






The name ESP was created by scholar and one-time president of the Society of Physical Research, Frederick Myers. Later, Duke University psychologist J.B. Rhine used the term to describe the aforementioned psychic talents. Rhine originally used "parapsychology" as a term to describe his research and experiments during the 1930's. However, during laboratory work, the name ESP was used in several instances to describe a deck of cards that was created in order to experiment with individuals guessing the symbols located on each card. The cards were shuffled randomly so that there would be no attempt in cheating while performing the experiments.



In the 1940's, Rhine went on to author the first meta-analysis book in science," Extra-Sensory Perception After 60 Years." The book focused on years of international card-guessing research and experiments, with in-depth details of Rhine's findings and case studies. Since then, several scholars as well as spiritual groups have been developing more and more interest in ESP, conducting their own research and experiments.



How Does ESP Work?



ESP goes hand-in-hand with some of the discoveries made through astronomy and quantum physics, which explain to us that the human mind is parallel with the Universe. We as humans, have the ability to sense things beyond our normal physical senses.



Many of us have ESP experiences without realizing it. For example, have you ever had a dream or sensed that something was about to happen, then that very scenario takes place? This is a form of ESP. What's going on is that your subconscious mind is picking up the energy of other people, places or situations. The mind not only can pick up energy from one person or thing to another, but it can also transcend onto several other people. In other words, we have the ability to process unsaid words and actions through our subconscious minds, and that energy can spread on to thousands upon thousands of others.



Although several people believe that only trained psychics can experience ESP, there has been several stories noted throughout history that indicate that average individuals all the around world have experienced ESP in a variety of different ways. It's also been said that we all have the ability and resources to be psychic.

Case Studies and Examples of ESP



In 1927, an aeronautics engineer by the name of J.W. Dunne began to record every dream he had after they occurred. His aim was to see if there were any correlations between his dreams and future events. When he finished his research, he found that at least 10% of his dreams happened in future events. Dunne concluded that most individuals do not realize or recognize when they have ESP experiences because they cannot recall most of their dreams.



In a study entitled The Ganzeld Experiment, during the 1970's, individuals, one at a time, were placed in a room with dimmed lights while listening to white noise while blindfolded. While focusing solely on their senses, the individuals in the case study attempted to guess at hidden images being subconsciously sent to them. Although several failed to successfully provide the correct answer, more than a handful were able to describe and identify the images in strikingly accurate detail.



There have been countless other stories that provide personal proof of the success of ESP. However, the problem lies within the fact that the majority of these experiences did not take place in a controlled environment, rendering them useless to scientists and leaving the validity of ESP as false in skeptics' minds.



Skeptics tend to believe that ESP is a form of luck, based on the guessing game. They also believe that the scientific research that's been performed is misguided and offers no real proof that such a phenomenon exists. Since the experiences of ESP seem to be in direct conflict with what it is known as the "laws and rules" of the Universe, skeptics believe that it simply does not make sense, is unexplainable and therefore doesn't exist.



Although skeptics have a hard time believing in anything unexplainable, who are we way to say that everything that happens in the Universe must make sense? Perhaps some things are meant to be unexplained because really, there is nothing to explain: it just is. Agnostics all over the world find it hard to believe in a God when there is no physical and concrete proof. Yet believers will you that it just is.



As science, technology and controlled studies improve, it's in my personal opinion that the phenomenon of ESP will become easier to grasp and understand. However, it will take a true belief in quantum physics and the power that we all have within us in relation to the Universe before everyone will accept that the human mind has the amazing power to sense things that are not directly connected to the physical.



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