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Bach Flower Essence for Self Confidence   




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Linda Burrows



The use of flower essences to relieve many problems, including problems with self confidence merits an investigation.
Taken either neat, or diluted in water, using flower remedy essences can offer speedy relief and can be used in both the short term and longer term.



Allowing the user to 'open up' to other therapies.
The Bach flower remedies were pioneered by Dr Edward Bach who believed in treating the person, rather than the condition or symptoms.
The 'Rescue Remedy' blend can be used repeatedly in a crisis of self confidence and it is impossible to overdose as this is a very gentle support for the emotions.
Individual essences are appropriate for different problems and it is worth researching how these may be applied to the problems that you, personally, are experiencing.
The Larch remedy alone will help with self confidence.




Below is a short list of essences to apply to particular anxiety states.

Cerato for lack of confidence in your own judgment




Gorse for those with chronic complaints and feel utterly hopeless.




Aspen for those who have unexpected panic or anxiety attacks.




Rock Rose for fear on unseen levels that are difficult to penetrate




Mimulus for the shy, timid type.



Sweet Chestnut can help those in a state of despondency




Crab Apple to overcome feelings of self disgust and help see life in true perspective.



Mustard for dark moods and mood swings between high and low, to bring balance




Pine to help with self-acceptance when we are feeling self-critical




Mimulus can help with life's challenges with confidence and courage.


Up to five essences can be mixed together if needed.


Many other flower essences are readily available from all over the world and can produce equally good results.



Stocked in Chemists



Health Stores 



The Internet



Where there will also be more information.


I urge you to find out more.


With best wishes for your happiness and emotional health.



Linda M



This information does not constitute medical advice.


Always consult your doctor if you are experiencing depression or mood swings. 


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