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Astrology and Your Bad Habits





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J Michael Brown 



Can astrology & bad habits be correlated? Can you actually stop bad habits and find a way of breaking bad habits to which you may fall victim by analyzing your astrology charts? I will focus on those questions and offer self-help tips about your bad habits in this commentary.
Determining your astrology sign is a complex matter; but so is the occurrence & methods used for breaking bad habits, which beleaguer you. Astrologists take many details into consideration when developing astrology charts. Your birth date is just one important detail about your astrology sign and bad habits.
It is amusing, however, to play with astrology signs; and to use general rules to see if your astrology sign could indicate how you might be able to stop the bad habits, to which you might be vulnerable.
1. Astrology Bad Habits of Capricorn: If you are Capricorn, the Goat, you tend to be an unrelenting hard worker as a general rule. And so Capricorn, your astrology bad habits say you might be prone to be a workaholic. Your astrology sign reveals that you are ambitious about getting the job done. It doesn't matter how long it takes, Capricorn, for you to do it; you get it done.
Your astrology sign indicates that you might accomplish the task at hand efficiently and in a timely manner.
In fact, Capricorn, you may often continue to work even after the job is complete; and then you take on another task instead of leaving for home to relax at the end of your long workday.



One solution for breaking bad habits like that, Capricorn, could be to keep an awareness journal.



2. Astrology Bad Habits of Aquarius, you tend to be an independent individual. But the independence reflected in your astrology charts is typically thought to be a good trait, right Aquarius? But, as the Water Bearer, your bad habits lean towards the propensity to shut people out of you life.


Aquarius, you tend to be innovative, and therefore it may be best for you to form close relationships with other creative people. And so, Aquarius, you want to find an artist or author, for instance, in order to make your bond truly passionate.


3. Astrology Bad Habits of Pisces, you were born under the Fish sign. Unfortunately, Pisces, your astrology charts indicate that your bad habits lean towards a tendency of alcoholism as a major problem and you will want to stop bad habits like drinking too much before it get a strangle hold on you.


The normal treatments for alcoholism would be applicable to you, Pisces, just like it would be for any other alcoholic. Breaking bad habits, like alcoholism are difficult for anyone to surmount--including you, Pisces.


4. Astrology Bad Habits of Aries, you were born under the astrology sign of the Ram. And so, Aries, the astrology charts indicate you may be selfish. The best cure for selfishness, Aries, is to pay attention to another living being.


Find a pet, Aries, upon which to lavish your love if you cannot find a mate. Although selfishness is a fairly innocuous bad habit, Aries, the therapy to stop bad habits like self-centeredness can be wonderful.


5. Astrology Bad Habits of Taurus, your astrology sun sign is the Bull. As such, Taurus, your astrology charts indicate that one of your astrology bad habits is a tendency to thrive on clutter. You might need someone, Taurus, to give you a little guidance about getting yourself organized; and you will typically comply. Taurus, disorganization is a fairly harmless; and breaking bad habits like it could be fulfilling for you too.


6. Astrology Bad Habits of Gemini  the sign of the Twins, your astrology bad habits indicate that you tend to be aloof and, therefore Gemini, others discover that they are talking to the air; instead of having a discussion with you.


Gemini, you may want to stop bad habits like being inattentive to others with whom you are talking. But if someone who truly cares about you will ignore you, Gemini, you may find yourself entreating him or her to pay more attention to you.


7. Astrology Bad Habits of Cancer, Your chart shows an indication that you could easily become addicted to sugar. One way to overcome your bad habits, is by substituting healthy sweets for processed sugar. Try eating dried fruits, Cancer, instead of candy bars and ice cream.


You will need to find a way to stop the bad habits for which you have a tendency; before they become ingrained in your personality. The Cancer astrology bads habits are for oral gratification. And so, Cancer, you also have a tendency to smoke cigarettes as well as eating sweets.


8. Astrology Bad Habits of Leo the Lion, you may have a penchant to boast. Leo, you might continuously brag about yourself. But you really need to learn a different behavior. You will be successful in breaking bad habits like egotism, Leo, by substituting a behavior that is more acceptable. You could accomplish overcoming your bad habits by being humble, Leo, simply by putting other people on a pedestal.


9. Astrology Bad Habits of Virgo, your astrology sign is the Virgin. And therefore, you could have astrology bad habits that might be viewed by yourself, Virgo, as being either positive or negative. And so, Virgo, your point of view will determine whether or not you believe the actions that you are taking are bad or good habits.


You could be attracted to faultlessness, Virgo. It could be that nothing is good enough for you. But, Virgo, if someone for whom you care deeply encourages you to have some fun, you might be able stop bad habits like perfectionism.



10. Astrology Bad Habits of  Libra, the Scales of your astrology bad habits gives the indication that you have a propensity to love pretty things. You might love to spend most of your time going to fine arts museums, Libra. You probably like walking in a garden or strolling on a sandy shoreline.


Nevertheless, Libra, you may be inclined to go to another extreme. You could have an inclination to shop too much; and so you could have an urge to gratify your yearning to be close to beautiful items, Libra.


Your desire for beautiful and lovely possessions could, in turn, expand; and thus it might turn out to be a very expensive; and so you will want to stop bad habits like spending too much money on niceties.



11. Astrology Bad Habits of Scorpio the Scorpion, you may have astrology bad habits of unnecessarily becoming very angry. Then you might hold onto your anger for a long period of time. And so, Scorpio, you need only to find a good way to relax.

Try getting a soothing massage for instance, Scorpio. You find it to be beneficial; and you might reduce your senseless anger toward other people. Therefore, you could also discover attenuation of exasperation, which you occasionally direct toward your self.

12. Astrology Bad Habits of Sagittarius the Archer has astrology bad habits of occasionally being overzealous, especially when it comes to honesty. So lighten up, Sagittarius.

While honesty is usually the best policy; there are also peoples' feelings for which you should consider. And so, Sagittarius, you might need to go to the library and get a book on tact and compassion. You could also Google it, Sagittarius.

The descriptions of astrology bad habits, which I provide in this piece, and their tendencies for you as an individual may or may not be applicable; and even a more detailed analysis of your astrology charts may reveal nothing more illuminating about yourself. 


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Thank you,

J Michael Brown
Author & Webmaster


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